Property Managers in Peoria IL
Property Managers in Peoria IL

PLS is the Solution for Property Managers in Peoria IL

Property management is what we do. Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services works with landlords and property managers in Peoria IL to ensure their day to day operations go smoothly. We can do it all: from collecting rent to selecting qualified tenants. Why deal with the hassle of all that when our qualified team can help you? After all, your time is valuable. You don’t have the resources to coordinate maintenance tasks or track down delinquent tenants.

Our property management services solve all that. We offer:

  • Preparation and execution of rental agreements
  • Rent collection
  • Coordination of maintenance
  • Screening and selection of qualified tenants
  • End of year reporting for tax purposes
  • Monthly reports of financial activity for your property
  • Vacant unit marketing
  • Finally, coordination of unit prep for new tenants
Property Managers in Peoria IL

Thus, the experts at PLS provide continual insight into the rental real estate market, along with condo and community association management. Check out our team:

  • Mark Wagner: Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker and Manager with life-long knowledge of the Illinois real estate market and new construction industry. Experience with management of rental real estate and commercial investment properties.
  • Sarah Knickerbocker: Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Tamara Kijanowski: Leasing Manager and Community Director for all PLS Activities
  • Abby Sipp, Leasing Specialist / Customer Relations Specialist
  • And, Kitra Wenger, Community Manager at Rosemary Crossing

If you have tenants or possible clients looking for rental property, direct them to our featured property listings. Also, encourage them to fill out a rental application.

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Based right here in Peoria IL, Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services is close by and convenient for all our clients, including property managers. If you would like to know more about our vast services, just call us at 309-691-0900 or email us at You will find us at 8500 N Knoxville right here in Peoria IL.