Commercial Real Estate Peoria IL
Commercial Real Estate Peoria IL

Commercial Real Estate Made Easy

It isn’t easy to navigate the commercial real estate Peoria IL offers. Any commercial real estate market is more difficult to break into compared with buying or selling residential. That’s why Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services is here to help.

As some of the most experienced agents in the business, with our commercial realtors selling property for over 25 years, we are best suited to help you buy or sell property. Additionally, our advanced online tools help track the commercial market, and keep us ahead of other real estate agencies.

What to Prepare for When Buying or Selling Commercial Property

It’s Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services’ job to help you through the process of buying or selling your commercial property. However, to help us better help you, there are a few things you should be aware of before diving into commercial real estate.

When Buying

What are you needing? So our agents can find the right property for you, have in mind where you want to be located. Would you like to be in the center of a city, or on the outskirts of town? Depending on your business, it may make all the difference.

What is your budget? Before steps are taken to purchase commercial real estate, make sure your finances are in order. Buying or leasing property is a big investment, and you don’t want to be caught footing the bill without the money to pay.

What is its purpose? Have a plan of action for the property you’re buying. Are you using it yourself? Are you leasing it out? Do you plan on sharing the space? Know the purpose of your purchase before pulling the trigger.

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When Selling

Clean your property up. Whether it needs a fresh coat of paint, new windows or extra landscaping, make your property look presentable. Buyers want to picture themselves in charge of a clean, functioning space, not a dumpy corner shop.

Expect to wait. While we have the tools and know-how to sell commercial property fast, the process is inherently longer than selling residential property. Buying commercial real estate is a big decision, and people aren’t always jumping on every item on the market.

Have all info handy. To sell your property, we need all documents associated with the building available. These documents include utility bills, notes of work done, permits and more. In order to give buyers the big picture, we need to paint a full history of your property.

Why Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services?

More than just a real estate agency, we offer leasing options and property management services. Additionally, buying through us gets you a closing cost rebate and selling through us gets you a fixed 4.5% listing fee. Our goal is to get you the most out of your commercial real estate investment.

To learn more about the commercial real estate Peoria IL offers, and how you can traverse the market, contact Professional Leasing & Real Estate today. Call us at 309-691-0900, or located at 7227 N. University, Peoria, IL 61614.